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Cheap ass art commissions

2017-03-15 23:02:54 by ColossusCoffee

I already made a post to the help wanted forum but ill make a post here too and i hate to be that guy but yeah here goes

ALRIGHT SO I am an animator/Artist and basically what the deal is is that i really need to make some money quick or else ill literally be homeless, i can do some cheap art commissions so just basically feel free to pm me to get more details with whatever, and if you pm me asking for more details i wont make you feel obligated to buy anything and its totally cool if you change your mind because you're dissatisfied with what i have to offer, I can really only accept paypal at the moment sooo yeah thats basically it anyway hope to hear from ya

ill pretty much draw whatever except porn


each drawing would have full clean line art and color and shading

15$ - Full Body Drawing

10$ - Shoulder up

8$ - Mini Icon Pieces

if you cant buy anything but still wanna help out just sharing this around would be a big help thanks :)5296160_148970444621_ad.png


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2017-03-16 13:22:31

You're really not gonna get anywhere if you don't draw porn, just saying.This is NG we're talkin.

ColossusCoffee responds:

True but my penis shrivels back in disgust whenever i try to draw porn and i dont wanna wish that upon anybody


2017-03-16 14:58:49

Can't blame you, the only thing I can draw well is Pac-Man and I wouldn't want to put a dick on that.


2017-03-17 15:14:58

Oh man, that is cheap.. hope this work out for you.

ColossusCoffee responds:

Thanks bud B)